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Add bougie to one of your lists below, or create a new one. Improve your vocabulary with English Vocabulary in Use from Cambridge. Learn the words you need to communicate with confidence. Beating up, ganging up on and putting someone down: phrasal verbs for bad behaviour 2. Definitions Clear explanations of natural written and spoken English. Click on the arrows to change the translation direction. Follow us. Choose a dictionary. Clear explanations of natural written and spoken English. Word Lists.
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Have you ever heard the word 'boujee'? Do you know what the meaning of 'boujee' is? If your answer is 'No', you are not the only one.
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Top definition. Bad and Boujee. When you wear expensive clothing and are always on fashion trends. Aug 4 Word of the Day. Every household should have a few gallons. Did you hear my bitch is bad and boujee. My bitch was bad and boujee. She straight owns the term, no denying. Migos should have to pay her royalties, but she's way too boujee to be seen in the same courtroom with his broke ass. Actual definition of a Boss Bitch.
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Top definition. High class , flossin' , ballin'. One who posesses swag. Elite, rich. My bitch is bad and boujee Cookin' up dope with an Uzi. Lil Uzi Vert Prod. Aug 4 Word of the Day. Every household should have a few gallons. An abbreviation of the French " bourgeois. Example 1: Dick: Wanna go into the city?

There are tons of different variations of this word: Boujee, Bougie, Bourgeois, Bougee, and my personal favorite Boujie. But what does it really mean? The term often holds a negative connotation and tone. I actually hated that I was considered the boujie one. I was always confused when my family would label me the boujie one because it sounded so offensive falling from their lips to my ears. The way people would say it, with a disdain drag really killed me.

It seemed like I was being talked down on because I didn't want to do what everyone else did. Why was everything I did somehow soo boujie? I always thought being boujie meant I gave off snobbish energy, or that I thought that certain things were beneath me. I grew up in a family with mostly blue-collar working-class adults. Boujie has been my label since before I could remember. My siblings would call me boujie, all 5 of them.

But if I grew up in the same neighborhood as everyone else with the same exact parents , how was I the boujie sister? So why brand myself as the Boujie Budgeter? Isn't the answer obvious?

Not really, but that is my jam. I did take a deeper dive into what it truly meant to be of bourgeois status. According to UrbanDictionary. The word is a shortened version of bourgeois which has a French origin and used a descriptor for those family's part of the Bourgeoisie class. Just a fancy French term for upper-middle-class families. The Bourgeoisie families were of higher status both in income and social, but not quite high class. Happily, we don't live in the French Revolution era anymore, and today boujie is widely used in the black community to label negatively.

When I was younger it would really baffle me, if I declined food or opted out of a family event, a sharp comment with boujie was thrown at me. If setting boundaries or being wary of aunties orange potato salad makes me boujie, so be it. Being boujie is a lifestyle that you are either born into or work to obtain. It is choosing to accept quality and not settling for less than your standards. It doesn't stop with just yourself though, I have high expectations for everyone around me. My friends, siblings, even my momma and daddy!

I'm not talking about the snobs that think they are above people who do things differently. You know those people, the ones that feel empowered by their labels and money but have no real substance beyond the flash.

A real boujie can't be bought and knows that money is just a formality. We like our labels just as much we like a deal. Further, we are so rooted in our spirit and confidence that you can't shake us. It took a long time for me to realize that I didn't need to try to be exactly like my family. Imagine that, the boujie sister just put you on to a new dope way of thinking.

For the longest, I thought I was the weird one, and I then realized I am! I am also the light that nobody expected, me and all my boujie glory. Back Speaking Corporate. Back Workbooks Freebies Product Suggestions. Defining Boujie: The Lifestyle and Mindset. Mykail James June 5,

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